I used to have a friend who’d call me Hunan, more than human. It came from the idea that I’m always either at work or working on something. I’m not the type to laze around, because it’s boring and nothing is worse than boring. Even at work, sitting behind the table and “observing” cameras all day, I’d be writing, reading or watching things on YouTube. Multiple things happening on many different fronts. Maybe it only seems so, because I’m always talking about doing so many different things? Then again, I am only human.

Back in early September I had finished my first marathon and started going to school again. Which meant that I’d spend the first three days of the week learning/working as a beginner mechanic and then another two or three shifts at my regular job. I was back on the grind and my monthly challenges. September was all about gaming or lack there of to be exact. I was not allowed to play anything on my PC, consoles or my phone. Just so you know, I usually spend around 2-3 hours a day on average playing video games.

I like playing video games. Sometimes alone, but almost always with friends or family. I have a distaste for mobile gaming and it’s practices so it gave me the perfect excuse to never install another game on my phone ever again (still good). Console gaming is a social event for me. I’d host a bunch of my friends and we’d rock out on the Guitar Hero, guitars, drums, vocals, the whole nine yards. Online gaming on a PC is convenience at its best. Free to play game, progress as you learn, always evolving and it’s just one game. There’s hundreds to discover and I really enjoy it. I get to stay in the comfort of my own home, while spending time with friends. In September, I went out a lot more.
W 6-3 L

In October I challenged myself to exercise every single day. No other goals or marks to hit. 20 minutes of stretching at home is enough. I’ll do an hour at the gym tomorrow and a 5 km run the day after that. I’m already physically active due to my jobs, but weight training and cardio are important. Keeping my body strong and durable allows me to do more. It wasn’t about the amount, but doing it consistently. I wanna look and feel good. It’s like magic for the first two weeks. The progress is instantaneous, but then it stops. You do less and less, the big days aren’t there until you start regressing. The magic is gone and you’re slower, weaker, duller. You have lost your edge. I lost my edge.
W 6-4 L

I have plenty of excuses, some more convincing than others. My hectic work schedule, relationships I want to have, my general lack of sleep, it’s cold and dark outside or all of the above? If you look at the most successful people in life, they do everything I do, but more. Musk runs two businesses with an 80 hour work week, and still finds time for new ideas, people and subjects. He isn’t the only one. Late great Kobe Bryant, The Rock, Oprah, Tim Cook and so many more. Their success can be attributed to their work ethic. I believe that I should be able to do at least as much as any of them if I want to be successful. That’s the way I see it.

The rest of the year kind of disappeared when it came to challenges. I couldn’t really come up with a good one or I didn’t commit to it from the beginning. As far as this little experiment goes, it died in October. I had simply gotten too “busy”.
W 6-6 L

I had gotten complacent when my minimum goal was achieved. I had at least broken even with the overall score and no alcohol was consumed during the year. The easiest things I knew I could do, I did, but nothing more or less. I had literally achieved my own bare minimum. Which having said out loud, feels awful, because I wanted more. I still want more. Which gets us to today.

It is time for something different. An entirely new experiment, new concept, but with the same goal in mind. I want to do more. I want to be as productive as I can. I want to have a voice and make it heard. I want to learn more skills and grow as a person. I can do so much more and that’s the point. I have to figure out what it is that I can and can’t do, what I want to do and when to do it. It almost sounds like I would need a good and proper schedule. Something I’d follow and write everything down to, with extras. I don’t mean one of those weekly little patches, but a complete overhaul. It’s time for new rules.

So what I did was figure out how many hours we have in 2020. Gave myself an average of six hours of sleep per day and went from there. Sleep is the most important thing, because unfortunately humans really need it. Don’t exactly know why, but can’t live without it. I’ve found that six hours is the minimum I need, to function normally throughout the day. The rest of the hours remaining in that year are all mine. I get to choose what I do with it, and you have yours. Your ‘time‘ is your most valuable resource and only You get to decide how to utilize it, nobody else.

I want to work full time because I like money. I pay my bills and keep what’s left. It gives me more options and opportunities, such is capitalism. I want to know car mechanics and diagnostics, so I can always have a job. Your car needs fixing? Done. Your new Tesla needs fixing? Done. Again, acquiring knowledge and skills is giving me more options and opportunities. These tasks are what I call mandatory, they take a long time and they’re constant. These are hours I’ll spend every year without fear, because for me, that’s life.

This thing we call time is just a moment that has passed or is yet to come. Present is a fleeting moment, when you get to choose to do something or do nothing. Don’t wait too long or you’ll be old and withered, too tired to do anything. None of us really know how long we have of this “time”, but I sure as hell ain’t going to sit around and find out. I have accepted the fact that one lifetime isn’t enough to do everything, see anything or talk to everyone. I will do my best to make sure, that when I’m old and experiencing my death scene, my list of regrets and unaccomplished missions is as short as possible. I owe it to my future self for make it work.

I went through a list of things in my head, that I thought would be beneficial, suitable time wise and also enjoyable. What I came up with is six activities that I will do a certain amount of hours by the end of the year. Running, exercise, writing, reading, learning to play the guitar and hosting a podcast/show/talking/nonsense. They each have a corresponding amount of required hours/units subjective to the weekly basis of the year. There’s 53 weeks in 2020, so my minimum goals are to Run 50 hours, Exercise 100 hours, Write 100 hours, Read 100 hours, Guitar 50 hours and 53 episodes. There’s 168 hours in a week, minus the sleep leaves me with 126 hours. I can’t make a single excuse why I couldn’t spend 1 of those hours running. All six activities combined will consume 10 hours from a week and I’ll still have some weeks to spare. It’s beyond easy and difficult at the same time.

I have a notebook, where I have marked down days and activities. The amount of hours spent and progress made. Every three months I’ll do a report to get an understanding of my numbers and see if I need to catch up or “slow down.” I have new motivation and perspective. The goal is to find consistency. To slowly build it up from the ground floor, because right now that is my weakness. Succumbing to the complacent loser inside of me. What do we say to that cunt? Not Today!

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