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MacGyver in Australia

How often have you faced a situation, where ordinary methods just don’t cut it? A moment, where your creativity to problem solving was, what saved the day? Inconvenience, lack of finances or whatever reason, your game was on point. You MacGyvered that problem. One of my “proudest” moments was, when I “fixed” the White Saber’s windshield wipers. As IVAN wrote here, we got fucked hard. We spent a night sleeping on the beach, while some cunts vandalized the car and stole our shit. One night, when we needed to keep driving, it started to rain, so we had a decision to make. Either we go buy new windshield wipers from the petrol station or make the current broken ones work again. Since we didn’t really have any money, my brilliance got to shine. I took all my extra USB, audio and video cables, tied them together, cut off the loose bits, connected them to the wipers and commence testing. The driver’s side window was already broken, so I just rolled mine down. Both grip ends were connected to the headset baggie to prevent slippage. In all honesty it worked like a charm until it didn’t. Two days later, when we had that big accident, where we almost died, it broke. Right before the crash, the driver’s side cable came loose and smacked IVAN in the face. He still claims that’s why he didn’t see the sharp turn sign. Raise your […]

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It’s only fitting that this particular entry goes live on the 1st of May. On this day seven years ago we were given a second chance. To this day, it is by far the closest I’ve ever been to solving the mystery of “What happens after death?” Through my years, I’ve experienced death a few times and in different ways. The earliest I can think back is to when I was a child, no older than five. My grandma took me to the cinema. We watched Lion King and I remember enjoying the movie. The pretty, vibrant colors, all the animals singing and dancing, the hardship and struggle Simba had to go through and of course the death of Mufasa. I didn’t cry when it happened, because I didn’t really comprehend it. After we got home, that was when it hit me. I was happy and sad, but didn’t exactly know why. As I was deep in thought, I got my finger caught between the door and the frame. There was no blood, no swelling, it didn’t even hurt that much, but I started crying uncontrollably. I have memories of my mother consoling me, how it’s not that bad and my finger is fine. The thing was, I didn’t cry because of the finger, but the movie. The incident with the door was irrelevant, but the death of a movie character was everything. Looking back at it through the eyes […]

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My new habits

2019 It’s been two months since we took our new year’s pledge. The yearly “New Year new me” you hear at work or school. People trying to change themselves for the better and that’s pretty admirable. I can honestly admit that I’ve given and then subsequently broken a few of those promises. It’s about this time of the year when we face our true challenge. Will you keep going in making it a permanent habit or stop and give in to the temptations. Just one more cookie won’t hurt. This year I made two promises and I’m going to keep them. The first one is with IVAN, which we’re doing together. Neither of us is allowed to drink any alcohol the entire year. That’s it, as simple as that. Personally I feel like I’m almost cheating, since I can’t even remember the last time I had a drink. He might be the one to struggle and break, but who knows. If there are two of us, wouldn’t it be a bit easier? He’s most likely going to write a story about it anyway. He’ll title it: “The True Perils of a Man.” Now the second promise. I’ve decided to make a game out of it. Something that is challenging and good for me at the same time. I split the year into months and make each of them a challenge. January I do X, February I’m not allowed to Y, […]

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I have a dream that one day I’m going back to Australia and I’m going to live there legally and permanently. I’m going to get a nice house, a dog and just enjoy the weather if nothing else. I have set out a plan and I’m going to follow through until my dream becomes a reality. That is my mid/long term plan and I’m going to work on it. Sounds all nice and peachy, but life has a way of going the way it wants. I’ve had big dreams before and I’ve seen some of them succeed. A big portion of those dreams end up crashing and burning quicker than Tower 7. Off the top of my head I can count 5 dreams that have not gone the way as initially planned. When I was around 9 I wanted to become a scientist, an inventor to be more precise. I was great at math, I loved numbers and technology, and I took most of my toys apart and put them back together. I learnt and read everything available to me but then I met chemistry and physics. I hadn’t gotten along with gravity too well before, but this was just ridiculous. What do you mean it’s not just two plus two anymore? The moment they added letters my interest was down the toilet. No more Mr. Inventor for me, I have a new dream. I was going to become an […]

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Building a personality?

I have this peculiar quirk that I speak, write and think in English, but I was born in Estonia, so naturally my mother tongue is Estonian. Despite that, I can speak and write English better than I can Estonian. I started learning English when I was six, watched a lot of Cartoon Network as a kid and lived abroad for over two years. Definite outside factors like movies, music, books, games etc. have played a strong part in it as well, but the strongest culprit behind it? My ability to express myself… it comes naturally in English, but feels clunky in Estonian. Let me take you back a bit, when I was 8 or 9. I had to visit a pediatrician because of my speech impediment. It was nothing major, but my S sounded like a flat tire. Spent months practicing tongue movements in front of a mirror. Training the muscles, just so I could flex an S in a word. When hormones hit my body I became anti-social. Talking to girls my age was impossible and talking with anyone else not too enjoyable. I cramped up and my thoughts were a mess. The thoughts had always resonated within me, but I had no means of expressing it. I can’t sing or dance, draw a painting or write a poem. With my back against the wall, I turned to the internet. Estonians will remember a website called Rate. In simple […]

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Lesson learnt

Hi, my name is Glen Live. I’m 26 years old and I’ve entered the next stage in my life. I’ve categorized my life into 7 segments, the last being the one I’m currently in. They would be in order:The years of innocence, ages 1-6The bullied years, ages 7-10/11The bully years, ages 10/11-15Finding myself, ages 15-19Australia, ages 19-22The mistakes and lessons, ages 22-25Current, ages 25- There’s no set amount of time that has to pass for the segment to change. Sometimes there’s a cataclysm like event that progresses the story forward, but it’s not a given. They tend to happen, when in my head I’m ready to move forward. When I take the next step on my path. I’m on this new road ever since I went back to school. I’m going to entirely skip the innocent times, because there are stories there for another entry. What I am going to do is start from the second segment. Honestly, a lot of it is a blur. Some moments I can clearly remember, others are stories I’ve been told.. When I went to first grade, I knew nobody in my class since I had just moved. I was an ordinary, albeit a bit chubby kid, but nothing too distinctive or that’s what I thought. A few months later I would get glasses because of bad genes, that’s when everything changed.Raise you’re hand if you have ever heard or said it yourself that […]

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The Fairly Average

I’ve always thought of myself as fairly average. Average in looks, intelligence, size, speed, strength, personality, capabilities… in life. A person with great ambition and mind full of dreams but nothing to back it up with. Someone who will always be a dreamer, living in obscurity, mindful only of his own well-being. Average. It’s actually rather ironic, because I hate being bored. That is to this day the one thing that hasn’t changed through 26 years, I hate boring. I dislike a bunch of things, like people cutting me off in traffic, long lines at the supermarket or obnoxiously loud people. It’s not difficult to rustle my jimmies, but it takes a lot to piss me off. With all of this in mind, I was bound to end up disappointed. In life, relationships, work, but most of all, myself. I would live with regrets and that’s something I can’t do. This was me, almost 7 years ago today, fresh out of high-school, with eyes full of hope and a heart that is yet to be corrupted. Before packing up my shit and moving to Australia I lived with my parents. I got to be a dumb kid for 19 years. The last three I spent mostly watching movies. I remember being proud of watching approximately a thousand movies in three years. That was my dream – to write, direct and produce movies. Go to Hollywood and be a superstar. By […]