The Blank Page

How long can you push something forward that you have to do? What if it’s something you want to do, should do, could do? Which are your favorite excuses, to make sure that you postpone your tasks, activities, chores? Will you do them now or tomorrow, maybe next week? How about never or, when you have time for it. When do you have the time for it? Now? Seems like as good a time as any, but you don’t feel like it. You’ll feel later, but then there is no time. It’s gone and you’re busy and it’s here. Did you do it or are you still waiting?

Something Different

I used to have a friend who’d call me Hunan, more than human. It came from the idea that I’m always either at work or working on something. I’m not the type to laze around, because it’s boring and nothing is worse than boring. Even at work, sitting behind the table and “observing” cameras all day, I’d be writing, reading or watching things on YouTube. Multiple things happening on many different fronts. Maybe it only seems so, because I’m always talking about doing so many different things? Then again, I am only human.

New Year, New Goal, New Me

I’m sitting here on my chair, barely able to walk. So I’m going to take this time and be productive. To tell you the tale how I’m between numb and immeasurable amounts of pain. A story that started as something completely different and today, nine months later we have reached the apex. How I went from hating long distance running for 27 years to running a marathon with 3 months of training.

Building a Personality?

I have this peculiar quirk that I speak, write and think in English, but I was born in Estonia, so naturally my mother tongue is Estonian. Despite that, I can speak and write English better than I can Estonian. I started learning English when I was six, watched a lot of Cartoon Network as a kid and lived abroad for over two years. Definite outside factors like movies, music, books, games etc. have played a strong part in it as well, but the strongest culprit behind it? My ability to express myself… it comes naturally in English, but feels clunky in Estonian.

Lesson Learnt

Hi, my name is Glen Live. I’m 26 years old and I’ve entered the next stage in my life.