I’m from the last generation that remembers, what it was like before smart phones and the internet. Before technology took over, kids used to play outside all day. I was that kid, until computers consumed me too. These days I don’t see that many kids playing outside. They’re now either mastering the art of attention whoring on social media or playing games on their phones. I remember how people thought that the instant unlimited access to all of mankind’s knowledge would benefit everyone. That it would make everyone smarter. While it has given us some advantages, it’s also turned the average Jane and Joe into barely functioning zombies. They stopped developing themselves and started spending their time scrolling through their friends’ meaningless Facebook posts. Or sending out ‘likes’ to barely-clothed Insta-chicks.

Expendable Carbon

Productivity is at it’s all time low. Half the people are getting paid to do fuck all, while the other half struggles to keep our society running. Billions of people are now living part-time in a fake parallel reality, that’s run by the amount of attention they receive in social media. Their attention span has dumbed down to goldfish levels. Reading a full article is just too much effort. A TLDR; has become mandatory for Reddit posts. Instead of focusing on a personal mission, people spend their lives watching one funny video after another. Instead of taking care of their bodies, people become fat and unhealthy by eating tons of junk. Being unhealthy is even encouraged along with some body positivity bullshit. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as guilty as everyone else, but I try to fight those basic urges every day. As bad as those habits are to our society, they’ve actually got nothing on sluts.


Prostitution is the oldest profession around. You could say that You’re always paying for pussy one way or another. But all that has been blown out of proportions by feminism, technology and desperate men. Women are now selling their nudes to those desperate zombies, while making thousands of dollars in the process. The actual sad part is that so many desperate men are actually paying for said nudes, while we have unlimited free porn on the internet. They don’t even get laid for their money – they just give it away. And every single donated dollar collectively feeds the Rise of the Sluts. It corrupts and devolves our society by inflating the price of a pussy way higher than it’s actually worth. Consequently it pushes most men into an even deeper servitude of the cunt. It’s now okay to slut out Your body for personal gain. That’s the new normal. And that’s exactly what Your daughter’s going to perceive as normal growing up. “Mommy did it, my friends do it – why shouldn’t I?”

I don’t hate sluts though. On the contrary – I think they’re a lot of fun! I love slutty women, like I love my lighters. There was a time, when I used to buy more expensive lighters. I remember when I bought this nice Zippo for my 18th birthday and I accidentally left it on a park bench. When I went back, it was gone. I was angry at myself for a week. I was financially and emotionally invested in it. I was making minimum wage at the time and so the amount of work I had to put in, just to buy that Zippo, was huge. And now someone else was enjoying my hard earned Zippo. Eventually I figured out, that all lighters have a major flaw – they always either run out of gas, get stolen or I just manage to lose them somehow. And so I gave up and bought me a few cheap ones from a local kiosk. I noticed, how little I started to care for those lighters. I used them all the time. Sometimes I lost one. So I bought a new one. Didn’t even blink an eye. Sometimes they ran out of gas. Fuck it. That just made me buy 3 more, instead of just one. Now I have quite a selection of them. I can lend one to a friend, forget all about it and just get me another one from the lighter box. It just makes me feel good, that I have enough lighters to light a thousand ciggys. I don’t get attached to them any more. Don’t get me wrong – a Zippo is a high quality lighter, yet in the end it’s as flawed as a cheap lighter.

The moral of the story is that their easygoing ways are also the reason why no one should ever get married in my opinion. Women have become free with their sexuality and there’s no going back to the old ways. The cat’s out of the bag. They exploit all willing men for all they’ve got and get away with it. And I don’t blame them. I would do the same thing. In fact, I’ve done something similar.

Preying on the Predators

I was still fresh to the backpacker life back then – 19 and living it up in the hostel. I had 2 Korean girlfriends in a row, who completely adored me. Life was fun. I had this odd job, where I had to clean some middle aged fit dude’s garden. He told me he’d pay me $500 if I cleaned his pool naked. Fucking hell. I mean 500 bucks is 500 bucks. I told him to bring it up to $600 and he’s got a deal. And so I cleaned his pool, while he was sipping ice tea on the side of the pool, watching me do it. That’s when I first realized that I was like a prized ass for the gay community. So I took my cash and fucked off as fast as I could. PS: Same thing happened with a MILF as well. That’s what money and freedom gets ya – Your own personal naked pool boy.

One day I ran into this chill old Ozzy dude on the streets of Perth, while looking for work. We had a long chat and he invited me to go surfing with him. “Yeah sure, why not?”, I thought. So he drove us to the beach where we had a fucking blast with the waves. I remember talking to some girls on the beach and he sort of interrupted me and pulled me away from them. Seemed weird, but I didn’t think anything of it then. We exchanged numbers and I took off back to my shithole of a hostel as I was late for my Korean pussy appointment.

So one weekend I set off with this grand plan of hitch-hiking to Adelaide on foot, leaving my Korean girlfriend behind. I failed miserably, as it’s illegal to hitchhike in Australia, so nobody picked me up. I was alongside a random highway and it was getting late. GLive was already in the Kalgoorlie desert doing his sales job. So I called the only number I had at the time – that old dude. He picked me up and brought me to his house. Made some dinner and gave me a spare room. But something seemed way off during this whole night. His questions and whole demeanor set off some alarms in my head. And having heard some fucked up stories, I decided to keep my multi-tool knife under my pillow. And sure as shit, I woke up in the middle of the night with this naked old dude climbing into my bed. “What the fuck!?”, I yelled as I pushed him on the floor and jumped on him with my multi-tool knife pushed against his throat. “I’m not gay, You fucker! Fuck off!”

I stood up and let him leave. We then sat down for an hour on his patio, smoking weed and talking about this whole thing. He was sorry. He gave me a ride to the train station next morning together with $100 for a train ticket to Kalgoorlie. 

I didn’t say a word to GLive about any of this for the whole time we were in Kalgoorlie. The old dude called me from time to time. He got me this white old sports car for $200. Guess he was still sorry and wanted to make up for what happened. So when GLive and I finally made it back to Perth, he picked us up from the train station. He sold me the car for $200, even though it was worth at least $4k.

We had a blast at his house – we had some puffs, played some pool and when it was time to go to sleep, he had made a huge bed in his room for us. He thought that since we slept in that tent for 3 months, that we’d finally come out of the closet ‘Outback Mountain’ style and were going to have a threesome with him. I still don’t understand how GLive was able to stay so calm through all this shit. I told the Gaylord, that I’m still not gay, even though I suspect GLive might be, hahah.

Anyway we got ourselves some separate beds in the living room and all was forgotten. Or was it? One day GLive told me that the old dude had been standing by my bed every night, while we sleep. “The creepiest thing I’ve ever seen”, as he put it. GLive still had no clue as to what had went down between me and Gaylord. So I drove us to Hungry Jack’s (Burger King) and told him the whole story, while we were having some whoppers. Dude was dumbfounded. He couldn’t get over why we’d been staying in that house for 2 weeks. And why I told Gaylord that GLive was gay. Apparently Gaylord had brought it up with him. This has got to be one of the most idiotic and hilariously fucked up conversations we’ve ever had. And the situation was completely absurd now. GLive refused to stay there for any longer, so we decided to leave Perth at once. You already know how that went.

The funny thing about Gaylord was, that I eventually ended up back in Perth, living in his house together with my then girlfriend. And if that wasn’t fucked up enough, my girlfriend knew the whole story and we were all living together under one roof as if nothing had ever happened. That went on for about 3 months until he finally couldn’t take it any longer and told us we had to move out. That was around Christmas 2013.

Me being a target to gay dudes became an inside meme everywhere we went. Until it actually happened again. This time we were in Darwin. We’d just spent our first nights in our Darwin hostel with a rooftop bar and a pool. We were completely broke again (seems to be a constant thing at this point), so we couldn’t afford to sleep in the hostel any longer. This time we had another Estonian, Face, with us. While they were getting ready to camp out in the nearby jungle for the unforeseeable future, I was chatting with people at the poolside bar and so I met this gold miner dude. Told him the funny story how me and my buddy decided to become gold miners in Kalgoorlie and ended up tenting there for 3 months. Had a long convo with him until he started telling me about his hobby of paying straight dudes to suck him off in his motel room. He said that every dude has a price. Some do it for $100, others for $500 and he’s even paid $5k to one dude. He saw himself as some sort of a fat gay priest, that converts straight dudes into gay dudes. So he, of course, offered me money. Told him to fuck off. His offers went from $500 all the way to $6k. He said it was his last night here, so he wants to have some fun. Told him I wasn’t for sale and that I had to get going to sleep in my tent. Then he said I could use his campervan, while he’s away for 2 weeks. “Fuck it, why not?”, I figured. Beats sleeping in a tent. So he took me to his van (pun intended) and off I went. Should’ve seen the faces on GLive and Face when I parked that van next to their tents…

If You think those stories were fucked up, then think about women. That’s what their entire lives are built up on – getting handed all kinds of expensive shit just for being there. I can totally understand why women do what they do, because I’ve been through it. It’s free shit. Dumb bastards are just getting used everywhere. Took me a while to realize it, but I’ve been used by women the same way. I’m not that guy any more. I don’t put anyone on a pedestal ever again. You trade so much of Your time for money. And the only thing we’re never getting back, is time. So why are You handing out Your money as if it’s worthless? Do You think Your life is worthless as well? The name’s IVAN and this is “Rise of the Sluts”.

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