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Crabs in a Bucket by Renar
King of Nothing by Renar
The Incident by Renar
Rise of the Sluts by Renar
The Blank Page by GLive
Full Stop by Renar
The Kiwi Experience by Renar
Something Different by GLive
Deathproof by Renar
Land of the Long White Cloud by Renar
Empty Promises by Renar
New Year, New Goal, New Me by GLive
The True Perils of a Man by Renar
Death by GLive
Have a little Faith by Renar
Independent Trailer Park Trash by Renar
Daddy no. 4 by Renar
Dreams by GLive
With Compliments from the Land Down Under by Renar
Building a Personality? by GLive
First Pleasure, Then Business by Renar
Search and Destroy by Renar
Lesson Learnt by GLive
Fearless by Renar
The Fairly Average by GLive
Into the Chaos by Renar