You know how they say, that opinions are like assholes, because everyone has them? Well I’m about to flash You mine big time. I realize, that I’m swimming against the tide with this post and most people don’t share my opinions, so this post needs to be taken with a grain of salt. If You end up offended, then that’s Your problem.

I’m now at that male age bracket, where everyone around me is getting married and having kids. People often ask me about finding a nice girl and settling down. It’s almost like they’re all chanting a spell around me and I’ve become immune to it. A couple of years ago, when I still had my head stuck in the clouds, I dreamt of what every average man dreams of – marrying a sexy young woman to start a family with. I dreamt of buying a house and a couple of cars with her. She’d be there for me in my times of need and I’d be there for her. We would’ve had 2-3 children and most likely a nice little doggo to go with the kids. We would’ve probably had kinky sex all over the house and pancake sundays every weekend. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it. Over time I’ve come to realize, that it was just that – a perfect dream. Why in the hell was I dreaming of that? Could’ve been because everyone around me has always held marriage up as a life goal. You know – something to live for..

I’ve always liked watching people and analyzing why someone did, what they did. I also like old-man stories. As Bismarck once said, “Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others”. So whenever I happened to have a cigarette break with some older co-workers or got caught in a random street conversation with some seemingly wise and/or funny old man, I never interrupted their stories. I listened to them instead. Heck, I’ve even listened to some hobos tell me some amazing life stories, while waiting for a bus to go out clubbing. I always asked for a story, when they bummed a fag off me. Nowadays I get my fix from browsing Reddit. I digress. After years of listening to countless men crack ruthless jokes about their dead bedrooms, their controlling ugly wives with their ever-rising standards and their crushed life dreams, I came to a realization. You know what’s wrong with marriage? It’s fucking marriage itself.

It’s all about control

Prehistoric people used to live in tribes, where the strongest leaders were sharing multiple women between them. All the other men were simple workers. Nobody knew for sure whose kid was whose, but the whole tribe took care of it’s offspring. Once those tribes developed into more powerful civilizations and empires, that ‘law-of-the-jungle’-type of life became obsolete. Why would a simple worker want to contribute to the well-being of the tribe, when he had nothing in it for himself? Sure, he was under the tribe’s protection. But as the simple worker started accumulating wealth, he also started yearning for someone to pass their wealth on to. Marriage was created by the old Roman Empires in order to gain more control over the work force (men). Early marriage was a life-long contract. It was a promise, that a simple working man was guaranteed an offspring. The promise was held up by the governing powers, who punished anyone who broke it. Give a man a reason to work, and he’ll build You an empire..

This had been working out pretty well, that is, up until recent times. With the rise of feminism in the beginning of the 20th century, women became legally equal to men. This meant, that they could earn their own money, vote and even gain power inside government. Ever since women gained access to governing powers, they’ve been changing our laws. Mostly towards making all women’s lives easier. And who could blame them? I would’ve done the same thing. Part of these changes, has been the overhaul of the whole marital system. All the promises are still there, but the women are no longer punished. Instead, the balance has shifted towards punishing men. And with the sexual revolution, that in my opinion, is still happening, women became sexually free.

Sleeping around has become the norm for women. They’ve got Tinder, Bumble, OKCupid and these are just the more popular apps. A new dick is literally just a swipe away. The balance of the relationship dynamics has completely shifted the other way. You might ask, why is that a problem in today’s world? As even the dating app statistics prove, women always aim higher. While men work their asses off, developing themselves and raising their value, women wait around the finish line to fuck the winners. This means, that most women get passed around by a small percentage of succesful men and everyone else is left with scraps. In other words – our culture has taken a step back to the prehistoric tribal times and it’s only getting worse. I have my eyes open, so I see the struggles of my friends and acquaintances, lots of whom have become really desperate. You could say, that it’s their own fault for not aiming higher in life, but the current topic isn’t really about someone’s ability to have lots of strange sex, it’s about marriage and why would someone want to be in one. I have this weird hobby of finding out the number of sexual partners my friends and lovers have had. You know that small moment after good sex, when You and Your lover are in that heartfelt moment, just laying in the sheets and enjoying each others company? That’s also the time, when You get the most truthful answers out of women. And the numbers I’ve heard, confirm, that the downfall is real. Both my friends and my lovers are generally in the 20 – 30-years old age bracket. The median number of different sexual partners for my women has been around 33. Very few have had less than 10 and one had over 100. On the contrast, most of my male friends have had up to 10 different sexual partners. Of course that’s not a valid way of doing statistics, but it clearly shows a totally fucked up trend.

50% of all marriages end in divorce. About 75-80% of all divorces are initiated by women. These are 2018 US stats and they’re applicable in all 1st world countries. The courts in 1st world countries all favor women. And so in the event of a divorce, men usually get skinned for everything they’ve got. Most divorced men lose their own homes, get chained down with child support payments and as I’ve recently learned – in USA and other most western countries, men also get hit with alimony payments. They literally end up paying an ex-wife up to 40% of their future paychecks for years (sometimes more than 20 years). Talk about giving someone a reason to divorce You. Why would any sane man ever marry in one of those countries? It seems like a completely fucked up deal to me. Fucking hell. If I was an attractive woman in one of those countries, I’d also be pumping out kids from different fathers, while marrying and divorcing every well-off sucker that proposes. Even though in my country we’ve never even heard of such absurd system, the rest of it is still the same. The stats are similar and men also generally get fucked over, in the event of a divorce.

So why would I ever marry? On a personal level, I simply see it as a shitty deal. By now I’ve interacted with enough women to know, that once she wants to marry You, she actually no longer has the tingles for You. She now mostly sees Your earning potential and what You could potentially do for her or her lifestyle. I don’t like that. I want them to crave my body, not my wallet or my favors. And let me tell You something – they’re all like that. Every single one of them. Even if she could die for Your dick today, a month or a year from now, she’ll be bored with it. She starts thinking about what else she could get out of you. Those thoughts are normally accompanied by endless chants of not wanting to play any more games and how family is important to her. The sad part is, that if You don’t truly commit, someone else will. And even if You do commit, odds are, that after some time, she’ll start wondering what else is out there. Even if You can keep up Your game for a long time, You wont be able to keep it up forever. There’s someone better than You out there right around the corner and when the circumstances are right, she’ll most likely trade up. Or she just misses the thrill of being with different men and she ends up getting pumped and dumped by some random men, who have no logical reason to commit and You’re the only one, who ends up losing in that exchange.

In my experience, the female beauty maxes out at around 26 – 28 years of age. Some can push it further, if they’ve been lucky with genes or they’ve invested a lot into their self-care routines. So far their turning point commitment-wise, has been at around 25 years of age. That’s probably when they realize, that they can’t go around fucking every pretty man they see and that they need to capitalize on their fading beauty – to lock some poor guy down. So now I’m constantly focusing at the 18-24yo bracket. That’s when they’re all on their ‘fuck-around tour’ and just generally love to have fun. I’d much rather be the guy who’s being used for fun, than the guy who’s being used for what he can bring to the table.

Over this past summer, I found myself in a small relationship. She was a successful blonde finance chick, who I picked up at a bar, while I was playing an investment banker. It started out as lots of fun, like it always does. She didn’t even know my name for a few weeks. She soon confessed, that she was seeing someone else, when she started seeing me. Not a big surprise. I was just that random better dude, that happened to pop out right around the corner.

She always brought wine, when she came over and I quite enjoyed tying her eager ass up in my huge bed and throwing her around as she truly desired deep down. A very willing and submissive slave girl..

She treated me with some pretty expensive gifts for a while. At some point pretty early in the relationship, I ran the idea of a threesome past her and she was very into it at first. She discussed it with one of her girl friends, who was also eager to do it. Thing was, that her girl friend was in a relationship and had a child, so I was a bit taken aback by that, but figured, that she’s probably going to cheat anyway, so it might as well be with me and the blonde. Besides apparently they had already done it once in the past between the three of them. Some time passed, we couldn’t meet very often, as I was working 150km away, but the sparks were still there every time we saw.

We even met each other’s family. I even went to his father’s birthday party, where his father and I both tried to downplay the fact, that I was banging his daughter. And eventually she also invited me out to her birthday party with all of her girl friends. It was quite obvious, that she just brought me there, to show me off like a trophy. At one point in the evening, when everyone was quite fucked, I accidentally overheard a conversation between my blonde and her friends. One of her friends obviously asked about marriage and my blonde told her, that “He doesn’t believe in marriage”. So they asked about kids and she said “Oh he has such good genes”, to which they all nodded and agreed as a group. I don’t think I’ve ever felt like more of a piece of meat, than I did at that moment, but I liked it. It felt good, but I also knew, that she was thinking of getting pregnant now. After hearing one of her girlfriends say “My kid could use a friend”, I felt the need to stick my nose into that convo and asked “So I’m like some kind of a breeding stallion to all of You?”, to which the table went quiet for a sec, and everyone just sort of started talking of other things, while ignoring my question. Amazing.

Most of the chicks showed serious interest in me the whole night, but the threesome-girl definitely took the cake. So as we were preparing to move on to a nightclub, my blonde pulls me to the side and says “I think tonight’s the night, but You know that I’m the one who gets to lick her pussy, right?”, I reply with “Sure”, while trying to not seem phased. Fast-forward to the nightclub. I buy a round of shots for everyone, to get everyone’s attention on me and lead them all to the dance floor, where I start dancing with all of them. It worked like a charm. Before I knew it, the three of us were dancing away from others and got more sexy – playing with ice cubes, feeling each other up. All that. So my blonde suddenly starts saying, that she’s not feeling well and wants to leave. Her friend talks her into staying for longer, but 20 minutes later, same thing. So I pulled her friend to the side and asked, if she’s coming with. She gave me her keys and told me to go to her place with the blonde, where she’d soon join us. I asked where her man was, and she said he was out of town. As I was stepping out of the club with my blonde, she gave me the biggest ultimatum – “Either You take the keys back, or we’re done”. Motherfucker. I kind of blurted out “I guess we’re done then” and took off. What happened, was, that she started seeing me as too good to share. She bounced back a couple of weeks later and we kept seeing each other for a while, but over time she kept hitting me more and more with the “What are we?” and “You’re just using me for sex” shit. My time with her was obviously up – “Your free trial version has just expired. Click here, to purchase the full version”. She pushed for commitment, which was my cue to take the exit. I don’t really get cunt-struck any more. It didn’t come as a big surprise, when I learned a couple of days ago, that she found a new dude a week after I last saw her. Let’s take a moment of silence for a fallen brother and if You’re somehow reading this, then dude, You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife. When the circumstances and the stars are aligned just right, she’ll be available to the next right guy. Even if she’s married or in a ‘committed’ relationship. I was the right guy for my blonde and for her friend, until I wasn’t. Thinking about it now, I feel sorry for her friend’s man, but what can you do – one man’s hoe is another man’s wife…

That’s just my 2 cents on marriage. Now would You sign this legal contract, which gives another person the power to financially destroy You at will? I won’t, but You need to make Your own decisions in life. Marriage for me, is a beautiful lie. We’re all going to die alone in the end anyway. I’m definitely not going to marry someone, who spent their 20’s spreading their legs to half the city, but is now ready to settle down, As if she’s supposed to be some sort of a prize for me. There are no guarantees, that she’s finished spreading her legs. The only guarantee is, that by wanting to marry You, she’s trying to secure her own future by using You. But truth be told, I like pussy. And I also like spending time with some women, but I take them for what they are. I enjoy my time with every one of them, be it for as short or as long, as it ends up being. And so all I can do, is try to minimize the risks, while I keep sampling the best of them.

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  • Janeli

    😂 good for u, happy, that u really believe ur own writing 🤦‍♀️

    • IVAN

      Told You, that You’d be offended. It’s like I have the eyes of the oracle…

  • Simon

    Ayee, good story mate 🙂
    Awesome idea putting the stats at the end as well!

    • IVAN

      Cheers for that.

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